Maid Of Honor Speeches – Creating the Perfect Speech


Maid of Honor Speech FriendYour best friend is getting married, and you have been asked to be her maid of honor. This is something you have always dreamed of being ever since your best friend first started talking about the wedding. You do have a lot of responsibilities before you can get ready for the big day including helping with the wedding itself, taking care of the bridal shower, and making a speech at the wedding reception. Have you ever written a speech before? If the idea of making your maid of honor speech makes you nervous, then here are some tips to help you make that speech memorable and heartfelt.

  • Think about your bride

The bride is your best friend, so the chances are that you have known her for a very long time. Think about what makes her your best friend, and use those feelings to convey what makes her so special. If you have never told her how much she means to you this is your chance.

  • Your tone

Do you want to make everyone cry, laugh, or a combination of both? The tone of your speech is important because this is probably one of the most important days your best friend will ever have. Keep the tone light and playful, this is a very special occasion and your speech needs to make your best friend as beautiful as the dress she is wearing.



  • The relationship

The relationship you have should be an important part of your speech. After all, you were chosen to be the maid of honor because your best friend trusts you and knows you are the best person for the job.

  • Starting off

When you stand up and are handed the microphone, the first thing you want to do is introduce yourself. There may be a lot of people at the wedding that you have never met, and even if the room is full of people you know, it is still the right and polite thing to do.

  • Practice

Before the wedding, it may be a good idea for you to rehearse your speech to make sure it’s not too long. A traditional speech is somewhere between five and ten minutes. Remember, this speech is part of the festivities. You are there as part of the celebration of your best friend’s wedding, not to bore everyone or ruin the festive mood.

  • Don’t forget the groom

Many maid or honors go on and on about the bride, but they tend to forget about the groom. You don’t have to mention him too much, but it might be a good idea to make sure that you do mention him because like it or not, he is now part of your best friend’s life and you do have to share your best friend with him.

Public speaking is not something everyone is comfortable doing. You have been given a very special task and your best friend is counting on you to give a terrific, heartfelt speech. Just take your time, speak from the heart, and everything will be just fine.


5 Tips For Writing Your Maid of Honor Speech

Maid of Honor Wedding Speech ToastWhen your best friend or sister asks you to be her maid of honor, she is bestowing an amazing opportunity and responsibility on you. You get to help her plan her wedding, be there for the most special moments in her life, and you get to stand beside her, closer to her than anyone but her husband-to-be as she whispers words of love from her heart to the man she is marrying. You also have to give a speech as the maid of honor. Maybe you know exactly what you want to say but you aren’t sure if you should say it, or maybe the thought of speaking in front of hundreds of guests and giving a boring speech terrifies you. There’s nothing to fear; writing a maid of honor speech is easier than people think.

  • Be Yourself

If you’re a funny girl, go ahead and incorporate a little humor into your speech. The bride and groom – and anyone else at the wedding who knows you well – will expect you to have something hilarious to say. Don’t disappoint the people who gave you this tremendous job. On that note, if you are a beautiful storyteller, tell a beautiful story. Whoever you are, be you when you make your speech. It will come across more meaningful that way.

  • Make it Short and Sweet

If there’s one thing people hate when they go to a wedding, it’s the long drawn out speeches that are given. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point while managing to say what you want to say and being yourself.


  • Say Something Meaningful and Cover Your Bases

Pick a quote that really resonates with the tone of the wedding, or one that is personal to the couple. Ignore a quote completely and tell a great story about the couple. Whatever you do, make sure you express how happy you are to be a part of this couple’s wedding, thank the couple for having you be a part of their day, say something personal and appropriate about the couple, include your quote or personal story here, offer well wishes and hope for the future, and finish by raising your glass and offering a toast to the newlyweds. Do not forget to take a sip of your cocktail after the toast!

  • Be Appropriate

Maybe you and the bride ran around your sorority house for an hour in the buff once after too much tequila and a really inappropriate game of truth or dare. Perhaps she always chose bad boyfriends who were complete losers, or maybe she made some mistakes when she was younger. These things are not necessarily appropriate for a wedding toast, so go ahead and leave them out. If you really want to make a toast that incorporates a few of your really intimate moments – the ones his family and no grandparent should ever be aware of – tell it at the bachelorette party.

  • Practice

Start writing your speech a few weeks before the wedding and practice it every time you blow dry your hair or apply your makeup. This gives you time to perfect it and make changes when appropriate. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with your speech.


Tips On Writing Great Maid Of Honor Speeches

Ideas For Maid of Honor SpeechIs your female best friend or beloved sister getting married? Have you been chosen to be the maid of honor? If so, then you’re definitely one lucky girl. Just imagine the fact that you will be among the highlights of the actual wedding ceremony. Why is that so? First of all, you get to walk down the isle with the best man and most importantly, you will have to give out a speech all by yourself. As lovely as being a maid of honor sounds, your responsibilities will also be heavy. Just like the bride herself, you too will need to do some further preparations, particularly with your speech. For naturally talented writers, this wouldn’t be much of a task. However, if you are new to writing, especially for public speaking, you could really use all the help you can get. So to keep you guided, let us discuss some effective tips in composing maid of honor speeches that you can apply.




  • Cut Your Maid of Honor Speech Short, But Make It Inspiring

Honestly speaking, weddings can turn out to be so boring for the guests. Having that said, make sure that their wait for your speech is worth it. If the best man is not able to really deliver well, then it’s your job to turn the guests on. In other words, break the ice. Don’t fill your speech with fluff. Make it straight to the point, but remember that it has to be meaningful by highlighting important points about the bride. Of course, consider practicing your speech delivery by conditioning your voice so that it will sound stimulating to the ears of the listening to avoid them from getting jaded.

  • Show Your Affection

In your maid of honor speech, you can make it about you on the intro, but most of the content should be about the bride. Remember, it’s her day, not yours. As a lady who had been given the chance to become the maid of honor, one of the things you need to include would be your gratitude and how honored you are to have been chosen. After that, tell how much you love your best friend or sister and how happy you are that she is finally about to settle with her knight in shining armour who will protect and make her feel like the luckiest women in the world.

  • Flatter The Bride And Make It Appropriate

You will need to highlight important events that you and the bride has gone through. However, never include bad experiences. Only the wonderful achievements that you had successfully grasped for together during your younger years. Also, keep in mind that you have to keep things in accordance to the setting. Since it will be held in a church, there are things that you should not talk about such as religion, sex and immature matters.

  • The Closing Piece

Though your connection will still be there, your best friend or sister is about to venture a committed life to build her own family. Tell her to break a leg (which means good luck) and that no matter what happens, you will always be there for her. Finally, tell her how much you will miss the times you had spent together and that your sisterly love will remain as solid as a rock through eternity.

Weddings are one of the most divine events that could ever happen to a person’s life. So if you have been luckily chosen to be the maid of honor, make it extra special by making the most out of your speech.